Automation first mindset – How change management is a vital part of becoming “Automation-Ready”.

    More than a once-off project or a buzzword to impress investors, Automation is about transforming a business at its core in order to remain competitive and relevant.  It requires buy-in and commitment from senior leaders as part of a wider, long-term strategic transformation roadmap and vision.  Today, organisations embed automation technology and tools into almost [...]

Hyperautomation – The next phase of digital transformation for competitive businesses

    It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Our industry loves new things and new words to describe them. It's part of what makes technology fascinating and exciting. Hyperautomation is one such term recently coined by Gartner (1). When I research these things and see these words, I always think of the movie Spinal Tap when the guy is explaining how his speakers go all the way up to 11! In [...]

The Paperless Workplace with Paperless Intelligent Automation

The use of paper documentation imposes significant constraints for business processes. With the transition to remote working as the new norm, access to physical documentation and records is no longer feasible for security, cost and logistical reasons.   All organisations, regardless of size, rely on paper to some extent. How can intelligent automation help the workplace become paperless and digitally driven? Eliminating paper has [...]

How Chatbots became the poster child of Intelligent Automation

‘Bot-enabled contact centres’ are renowned for their highly reduced wait time, better self-servicing options and improved morale within the actual contact centre team.   Chatbots. Is there anything they can't do? Let's face it, when implemented correctly, they can vastly improve customer experience, empower customers through self-service, enhance support teams and improve overall understanding of the customer [...]

Critical first step for successful Intelligent Automation initiative: Harmonise, Standardise and Optimise!

Intelligent Automation can drive more efficiencies and ROI when it is based on streamlined business processes.   For a long time, business process engineering initiatives were focused on the time-motion-study, process costs, efficiency, and productivity for eliminating errors and aiming to reduce Turn-Around-Time (TAT), and various measures for operational excellence. Today, process engineering evolves around an [...]

Intelligent Automation as an Ecosystem

  Intelligent-Automation-Ecosystems are intended to act as a bridge between all parts of an organisation’s business and its technology stack. The ecologist Arthur Tansley defines an ecosystem1 as “A community of living organisms in conjunction with the non-living components of their environment, interacting as a system.” A ‘technology ecosystem’ imitates nature’s ecosystem by creating interconnected and [...]

Automate beyond RPA with Intelligent Automation

Understanding the difference between Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) is essential to making the correct automation decisions for your business.   Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps the areas of business that have standardised processes and operations, whereas Intelligent Automation (IA) challenges and adopts the complex use-cases from unstructured business processes. RPA-Robots focuses on [...]