Project Description

Client Solutions works in partnership with its clients to manage, design, develop, deliver and support unique custom built software and middleware solutions. Each solution is exclusively designed and implemented to meet individual requirements. Our practice has an unrivaled track record in project delivery with over 1000 successful projects to date. This success is the combination of a highly technical team, a quality driven application development process and our wealth of project experience.

Our primary offerings are turnkey solution development and consultancy services using enterprise technologies such as Java, Microsoft .NET, Angular JS, Apache Kafta, and Apache Pig. As a leading provider of digital transformation services, Client Solutions is uniquely positioned to enable organisations to optimise their internal project management and software development lifecycle process.

Client Solutions provide managed cloud services in Azure in the form of infrastructure, platform, and software as a service (SaaS). We have extensive experience in software automation and infrastructure provisioning in the cloud ranging from service setup to continuous integration and deployments, on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.

Client Solutions provide integration services by leveraging middleware orchestration and microservices that enable businesses to integrate and share their data among multiple third-party disparate service providers.