Key people from across business in Ireland were able to see for themselves just how much new value – especially in improving decision making – the latest SAP software can unleash, as part of Client Solutions’ recent SAP S/4HANA, The Game event that was run on Thursday 27 September 2018 at SAP’s Dublin headquarters on the Citywest campus.

This innovative half-day challenge saw teams of executives compete against one another in business challenges to see who would come out on top, using SAP S/4HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Digital Boardroom. As well as being an exciting arena for senior people to show off their competitive streaks, it was also a great way of demonstrating the power of SAP’s latest technology and highlighting the kinds of capabilities that are now possible.

“The journey to becoming a more intelligent enterprise is one that every company – large or small – is going to be taking over the next five years or so. The people that came were amazed at how much better their decisions could be, and surprised at how quick and relatively easily you can phase implementation.”

– Denis O’Leary, Client Solutions SAP Business Development Manager

Each team included various different executive roles, including finance, marketing and sales, and they had to work together to maximise group profits. Of course, the key strength of ERP software is that it co-ordinates activity across the entire enterprise, so it’s perhaps no accident that the team with the highest sales volumes actually only came second to last. By contrast, the winning team worked together closely, with each person making the most of the real-time insights provided to their individual role, by S/4HANA, the very instant a colleague made a new decision

The players came from a wide range of business sectors – food, manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and more – and represented all sizes of company, whether large plc or owner-managed, private businesses. Some were existing SAP customers and some were not. Yet they were all united by a shared interest in how ERP technology has moved on since they adopted it, and in how the latest developments can help them innovate more effectively and improve their competitive position in their respective sectors.

Watch the highlights from SAP S/4HANA, The Game in the video above.

Denis also commented: “The ability to make decisions is one of the key benefits of S/4HANA. The people that came to The Game are used to functions being siloed in their old ERP systems, with clunky screens, but SAP gives them a very immediate, very visual representation of the decisions they’re making.”

Attendees were also very impressed by the ease of use of the software. The format of SAP S/4HANA, The Game didn’t include any time for training – everyone simply came in and got straight down to business, albeit with some guidance to the overall game and what they should be doing. This is one of the key strengths of SAP’s latest generation of software, both in terms of usability, and also in terms of how it enables people to start thinking in different, more strategic ways about their businesses.

Moreover, the number of flexible options available for the implementation of SAP S/4HANA was a surprise to many. Exactly the same software can be run on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution, and it can be implemented in phases – where businesses can focus on individual areas – to minimise disruption. Irish localisation out of the box and the SAP Activate Methodology are also key factors in implementation.

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