The Enterprise Compliance solution simplifies and automates the mandatory measures set out in the Government’s Return to Work Safely Protocol.

A Return-2-Work Enterprise Compliance Solution has been launched by Irish IT company, Client Solutions.  The innovative solution is in response to the mandatory “Return to Work Safely Protocol” introduced by the government.  The new platform will enable companies to manage their Covid-19 response plan and streamline policies, procedures and other necessary changes in the workplace due to the pandemic.

Speaking about the platform, Teddy McCarthy, Managing Director and Co-Founder at Client Solutions, said: “As the Covid-19 restrictions are gradually lifting, many companies and their teams are, or will be, returning to very different workplaces.  There is now an obligation on companies to help manage the risk of Covid-19 and mitigate its impact.  For many, it’s a minefield.  To enable businesses to adjust and comply, we have developed a platform to help them prepare, monitor, assess and report on Covid-19.”

“The Return-2-Work platform streamlines a safe return to the workplace for healthy individuals, protects their wellbeing and manages protocols for suspected Covid-19 outbreaks.  This combined communication, tracking and tracing platform protects the health and safety of all workers, ensures compliance with regulations and minimises disruption to the core business.  It is a personnel tracking and monitoring solution which can be leveraged by any type of organisation in every sector.” continued Mr McCarthy.

“From a practical perspective, the platform simplifies the identification and isolation protocols and can be extended to keep a log of contact groups to allow contact tracing.  It also facilitates the necessary tasks for staff, such as completing pre-return to work questionnaires and training, providing health status notification reports to managers if any symptoms develop or if they suspect they have been directly exposed to Covid-19.  All of this is easily managed through our platform and mobile app.  We want to empower businesses to better protect, monitor and track in order to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on their people and on their business.” concluded Mr McCarthy.

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