New Analytics Solution “go live” with launch client Tallaght University Hospital

Client Solutions, one of Ireland’s leading technology partner companies in conjunction with Tallaght University Hospital (TUH) has worked with the Hospitals ICT Department to enhance and develop their existing analytics platform which aims to better use data to help patient flow throughout the Hospital. The new system has gone live with its launch client, Tallaght University Hospital.

The solution based on the existing platform was developed following close extensive consultation with the management and staff at TUH, with a view to providing a fixed cost option to improve the Hospital’s use of patient data.

The new system provides detailed analysis across a number of core areas, including;

  • Patient – understanding patient demographics across multiple dimensions, e.g. age group, admission type (public/private), intended management, specialty and consultant
  • Admissions / Discharges – analysis of inpatient and day case hospital activity helps identify and plan for seasonal capacity fluctuations and unforeseen circumstances among others
  • Cancellations – providing detailed analysis on the cause and originator of appointment cancellations
  • Theatre Utilisation – understanding which theatres are under-used and identifying the root causes; also, which theatres meet utilisation targets
  • Waiting Lists – insight into waiting lists, which helps hospitals understand demand through different specialties and plan capacity accordingly to ensure that waiting lists are of an appropriate size
  • Emergency Department Attendance – analysis wait times and of the overall patient experience from registration to closure of episodes and throughout all the various stages. Analysis of quality indicators, such as patient re-attendance and re-admittance
  • Bed Management – understand length of stay, utilisation and availability of beds within a hospital

Commenting on the rollout of the system Director of ICT at Tallaght University Hospital David Wall said, “TUH will use the data that is now collated in one central location to drive better patient experiences and outcomes. It will enable staff across different disciplines to quickly access and analyse their own metrics. This will give them greater autonomy in looking at the trends in demand for their service and assist with planning future service developments to better cope with increased patient activity. It is a big step in bringing us closer to the development of a Care Command Centre.”

Teddy McCarthy, Managing Director at Client Solutions says,

“Efficient use of data is one way in which acute hospitals like TUH can make improvements across each of its departments without adding additional resources or costs. Our system has been designed in consultation with frontline teams, who will be able to use bespoke dashboards to monitor patient flow, resource utilisation and even patient experience. The ultimate goal is to drive efficiencies throughout an acute hospital and enable the patient care and administration team with the ability to drill to the lowest level of detail available. This then empowers them to make decisions based on facts.”