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In 2015 Permanent TSB Bank embarked on an enterprise wide HR transformation programme. The goals of the programme were to improve collaboration between HR and the business strategy of the bank and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of HR processes. PTSB also requested automation and self service where possible and the ease of use content creation and sharing. Permanent TSB required a technology platform which would support the goals of the programme. Following a review and analysis with Client Solutions, SharePoint 2013 was chosen. Microsoft SharePoint is the fastest growing product in Microsoft’s history and is used by 78 percent of Fortune 500 companies. It is suited to HR departments given its out of the box features such as collaboration, document management and workflow.


Client Solutions is a Microsoft partner with many years’ experience in SharePoint. We worked closely with the HR department at Permanent TSB and delivered the solution which included simple search and navigation functions. Creation and posting of content was made as simple and easy as possible. We also used SharePoint functionality to create a HR self-service query system which hugely reduced the number of calls to the HR department as staff are now able to find their own answers through free text searches on the SharePoint Portal. Functionality includes track and trace capability on each query, such as when it was posted and the SLA for when it will be addressed. Once implemented calls to the HR department were reduced by 94%. We also delivered the following functionality which helped the HR department meet its goals:
Collaboration between employees, managers and HR
Collaborative, self-service portals help deliver needed information which are easily searchable by any employee.
SharePoint workflow and forms
Automation of routine business processes to replace physical forms with SharePoint online forms.
Analysis of demand and activity
Ability to refine areas of focus to drive better engagement, allowing executives to gain insight into what drives communication success. Highly Integrated with MS Office
Microsoft Office is commonly used, so it was a benefit to have a HR portal which is so tightly integrated with these familiar products. HR Portal accessible everywhere
With SharePoint Permanent TSB’s Connect Portal is accessible from any place and device, work laptop, home tablet or mobile phone.


Client Solutions launched initially with a proof of concept with the HR Department at Permanent TSB. It was such a success that the solution was implemented across all business units within weeks.

“It was very positively received by all of our executives, just by virtue of the look and feel, how modern it was, the reduction of call volumes and just everything we had reported on it.”

Karen Hackett (Head of HR Operations & Business Excellence)


– Founded in 1884, Permanent TSB is a provider of personal financial services in Ireland

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