Powering Tesco Mobile into the cloud with Azure


To truly transform its business and meet ambitious growth objectives Tesco Mobile Ireland recognised that they needed to work with the right technology partner. Client Solutions employs over 140 talented consultants focused on working with ambitious companies like Tesco Mobile to leverage technology and improve business results. Senior management at Tesco Mobile realised that in order to improve customer experience, improve analytics, transact business faster in retail stores and online they needed to undertake an ambitious program of digital transformation. The combination of Client Solutions resources, particularly our expertise in Microsoft Azure cloud architecture ensured Tesco Mobile achieved that goal.


Tesco Mobile is one of the most successful MVNO’s in Europe. In a highly competitive market they have grown to over 400,000 customers in Ireland. Tesco Mobile’s success is based on excellent customer service and a deep understanding of customer needs and wants through effective analytics. Client Solutions have long been recognized as experts in telco data and customer facing solutions. Our expertise, together with Tesco Mobile’s ambitions and Microsoft’s cloud technology made for a swift business case and solution architecture which was backed by the senior management from all three partners. Client Solutions devised an ambitious plan to re-platform the key customer interfacing solution suite which they had designed across to Microsoft Azure. Among the suite of solutions being addressed are: 
– Improved Customer Self-Service Care: Mytescomobile.ie, the public portal that allows customers to access account balances, top-up, switch plans and manage their account. 
– Enhancement of their Mobile Virtual Network Analytics – Business Intelligence platform including data management, analytics and forecasting.
– RETAIN – A rich suite of applications used by Tesco Mobile’s Waterford based Care Team to serve customers.
– Introduction of Hosted Finance System
– SAP for financial


The Microsoft Azure hosted public-facing portal tescomobile.ie now offers increased self-service, control and transparency while enabling the customer care team to further improve their ability to serve their customers’ needs. The entire suite of solutions now allows the Tesco Mobile customer service, sales, business intelligence, finance and senior management teams to better understand the user experience and ultimately improve the service to their growing customer base. The power of the Azure Data Platform provides for greater flexibility and has vastly improved the speed of analytical processing to support faster decisions and actions. 

“We’re pleased to continue our ongoing relationship with Client Solutions. The innovation, creativity and value for money products that Tesco Mobile brings to the Irish market means our customer base continues to grow. We look forward to working with Client Solutions to continue to serve our mobile customers a little better every day”.

Geoff Byrne, chairman, Tesco Mobile Ireland 


With over 400,000 customers in Ireland, Tesco Mobile Ireland is the 4th largest mobile service provider in the country

– Tesco Mobile is Ireland’s largest Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Tesco Mobile uses the Three network in Ireland

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