Providing Ryanair with a Master Data Management solution to support their marketing needs 


Ryanair is Europe’s largest and most successful airline. Last year Ryanair flew over 154 million passengers averaging 14 million per month to over 40 countries using a fleet of 470 aircraft. Ryanair embarked on a digital transformation program to ensure technology and digital were at the heart of their business. A key to their success is a focus on meeting the personalised needs of their customers through targeted marketing across their multiple digital channels. Campaigns and customer interactions must constantly evolve and react quickly to the changing dynamics of the customer and the market.

Speed and agility are of the essence in making sure Ryanair’s business and marketing teams optimise their interactions with the customer. Having the right data available to the right resources in Ryanair quickly, flexibly and in an easy to access format for the business users to self-serve is critical. Two challenges existed which Ryanair needed to address;

1.Comparing and testing the KPIs of data driven campaigns and offers against a set of control offer KPI’s was extremely manual and time consuming. Ryanair’s Marketing couldn’t access the data they needed in an agile manner. This limited the number of A/B tests that the marketing team could perform which reduced the number of campaigns or resulted in sub optimal campaigns being launched.

2.Technical resources from the IT team were needed to develop scripts against the databases to surface the offers for example priority boarding, 20Kg Bag and Fast Track from the Ryanair offers database to allow the multiple A/B tests per day that Ryanair marketing wanted to achieve. This resulted in a draw on the IT department which was an ineffective and expensive use of those IT people.

Both challenges risked an adverse business impact for Ryanair from a cost and sales opportunity point of view. Ryanair approached Client Solutions to find a solution.


Client Solutions distilled the information from Ryanair down to the core problem which was a data management challenge. If the business users could get the data by themselves in a business friendly format they could self-serve their marketing requirements quickly and efficiently without a dependence on their IT colleagues. Client Solutions has been delivering data solutions for over 25 years. We had encountered similar challenges at many of our customers. We designed and developed our master data management solution, RDMA, to empower business users who needed to easily access and work with data without technical programming skills. RDMA provides a single user friendly interface to enable controlled access for viewing and using data directly from the databases within the company which the business users need. RDMA’s administration functionality allows granular level access which can be restricted or granted down to read write at the database, table and even column level. This means IT retain full control of granting the access to business users per individual or team only to the level required. There is complete logging provided which creates the audit trail of access and any changes made.


Ryanair marketing and business analysts can now work with their data directly to analyse and compare product offer mixes which generate the highest hit rate with the customers and value to Ryanair. Using RDMA Ryanair now have a much quicker response time and increased productivity when it comes to presenting the right offers to the right customer at the right time. They can configure offer’s quickly and easily and test various options against their control offers and launch more accurate campaigns to win more business.

In addition, the Ryanair team can better maintain and enhance the quality of the data and have eliminated the significant manual effort and involvement required by IT, thereby ensuring important KPIs and BI reports are accurate and available in a timely manner to enable data backed decision making .

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– Europe’s largest airline group

– Operates over 2,500 flights a day (pre Covid-19)

– Carries 149 million passengers a year

– Operates from 242 airports in 42 countries

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