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Rottapharm Madaus decided to implement a new ERP system, as their existing system was reaching end-of-life at the beginning of 2015. The timeline for the project was less than 12 months, with the firm keen to keep interruption to existing manufacturing execution system (MES) processes to a minimum. These factors created both challenges and implications for the firms’ ERP successor selection. The required solution needed to support existing lean manufacturing processes and integrate with the firms validated MES, while adhering to compliance and best practice standards.


Client Solutions were chosen for our proven track record of successful, rapid SAP deployments in validated manufacturing environments. Our technical expertise in complex integration scenarios also encouraged Rottapharm to select us as their implementation partner. SAP Business All in One was selected as Rottapharms new solution and was deployed with SAP Process Integration to enable interfacing between SAP components and the organisations other 3rd party systems. The solution was integrated with existing manufacturing execution system and minimal interruption to Rottapharms Madaus’ already validated MES processes was a key project deliverable. This was achieved by alignment between Client Solutions and the firms team, and in conjunction with a rigorous test cycle before commissioning any changes. Challenges with replacing the existing planning tool were overcome by enhancing the SAP production planning module.


Despite the ambitious deadline, all elements of the solution went live as scheduled. The MES integration piece was one of the key successes of the project, as manufacturing downtime has been avoided since “go-live”. Since implementation, the new ERP system has allowed Rottapharm continue to create efficiencies within their manufacturing process. The solution has also provided the organisation with additional benefits such as; enhanced decision making and immediate visibility of their supply chain, while satisfying Industry regulatory requirements.


– 2,000 employees globally, revenue: €600M

– Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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