Boosting user adoption for Naturgy with Coreview SaaS Management platform for Microsoft 365


Naturgy Ireland are experts in energy and energy supply. Naturgy Ireland supplies natural gas, electricity, renewables and energy management services to large energy users in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. As part of our continuous customer improvement Naturgy partnered with Client Solutions to design and deploy a customer facing portal which allows customers to self serve across a range of services including consumption and invoicing. In order to ensure customers were getting the maximum value from the Portal Naturgy wanted to understand their usage of the Portal at a granular level.


Client Solutions proposed Coreview. Coreview is the world leading SaaS Management Platform for organisations with Microsoft 365 at the core of their SaaS stack. By deploying Coreview we were able to give Naturgy the power to see user activity and adoption through action enabled reporting, manage users by granting granular privileges for each user type and customer and automate the process using SaaS workflows.


Naturgy can See how which customers and solutions within the portal are being utilised. They can see any trends toward or away from particular reports or views compared to what may have been envisioned. By understanding the usage at a granular level through Coreview Naturgy can tweak and tailor the portal to match customer demand. They can also identify demands by the customer for particular data or information which can then be road-mapped for future releases or discussion by the customer.


  • Naturgy’s goal is to be a green energy partner, not just a different one, and that means building a trustworthy relationship with our customer
  • Naturgy believe in an energy service that goes beyond the transaction. Naturgy want their customers to have an energy strategy that helps you set and achieve your budget and sustainable goals
  • Naturgy is embracing the future of energy provision. They have moved from being a local supplier to a global one with a local feel.

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