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IPB Insurance is wholly Irish-owned and is the only indigenous mutual general insurance company in the Irish market. IPB specialise in bespoke insurance solutions within the core public service, education and health market segments. Given the challenges and changes in their business the IPB Board concluded that their decision making needed to be based on a single trusted data source.The factual data IPB needed was held in their organisation but it was not easily available and was often held in different systems and indifferent formats. Realising the value of the information through reports and analysis was done manually and confined to either departmental teams or to the IT team who had specialist technical know-how. Overall this was unsatisfactory. Insurance is also a regulated environment and governance of the data was becoming challenging. IPB knew they had a valuable asset, their data, but they were not getting value from that asset. IPB turned to Client Solutions for advice and services on how to resolve the challenge.


Client Solutions advised IPB that data in a modern business environment needs to be recognized as a strategic asset. This formed the basis  of a data strategy which Client Solutions delivered. Like in all businesses technology is having a huge impact on the insurance industry.  This sometimes leads tcompanies diving into what looks like new data management solutionsinvesting in new technologies and  sophisticated analytics in haphazard ways without a clear planTogether with IPB we worked on creating a data strategy that was driven by the overarching business strategy. critical starting point was the business’ strategic objectives. Simply put, we worked on understanding what the business watrying to achieve and then how data can help IPB to get thereOnce these objectives were defined, we charted a course for reaching those goals. This included having a deep understanding of what kind of data was needed, internal and external data. We also  looked at the data from a quality, governance and ownership pointofview.  For the second partwe considered the future including how the data will be stored and modeled. We also considered regulatory and privacy aspects including GDPR, data lineage and overall Master Data Management. Finally, we looked at tooling, technology and training in terms of best fit, considering existing investments and people skills.     



Client Solutions delivered an enterprise data strategy for IPB that prioritised the business.  The data strategy provided a mechanism to allow senior stakeholders to work together with all parts of the business, peel back some layers and peer into the core business to create an achievable plan for the future. IPB now have strategy that focuses sequentially on the critical data needed for each step along the journeyThat critical data addresses specific business needs to help the organisation reach its strategic objectives and generate real value.  The data strategy delivered at IPB goes beyond technology and includes securing sponsorship, establishing a funding model, organisational  change management, data governance, data stewardship and success metrics  The strategy delivered by Client Solutions provided a road map of the data dependent capabilities that IPB needed to address in order to achieve their desired business transformation.  

TUH will use the data that is now collated in one central location to drive better patient experiences and outcomes. It will enable staff across different disciplines to quickly access and analyse their own metrics. This will give them greater autonomy and assist with planning future service developments to better cope with increased patient activity. It’s a big step in bringing us closer to the development of a Care Command Centre.

David Wall (Director of ICT)


– One of Ireland’s largest acute teaching hospitals with adult, psychiatric and age-related healthcare on one site

– 450 adult beds with 3,000 people on staff

– Provider of local, regional and national specialties

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