Improving UX with SAP Fiori App redesign


For the past 15 years, eir was using SAP EBP as a reservation tool for their field engineers. The solution was originally deployed by Client Solutions and enabled the engineers to order stock from central and 3PL stores which was dispatched to their field offices. It incorporated multi-level approval workflow and full visibility on the back-end document flow via a browser based UI. With the upgrade to SAP ECC 6.0 EhP8, eir made a strategic decision to decommission the EBP application and the challenge for Client Solutions was to develop a seamless mobile app that replicated the existing functionality through leveraging the power of Fiori.


Client Solutions built a ‘wire-frame’ model using BUILD.ME prototyping tool which kept the general flow of the EBP application for continuity but allowed for simplified UX navigation and mobile optimization. The key eir users used the tool to critique and ratify the UX design and flow before any development commenced. Once the UX design was locked in we prototyped two apps with the underlying logic: Field Engineer app for Reservation Creation and a Manager app for approving and rejecting. This was quickly tested and approved by the business and went live successfully in tandem with the upgrade of the SAP application.


We were able to rapidly deploy a Fiori app replacement for the EBP solution by using good UX design methodologies, leveraging off the existing SAP backend touch-points and Fiori Best Practices. The solution upgrade was seamless and, as well as providing full functional replication of the legacy EBP solution, it gave the engineers full mobile accessibility (smart phone etc.) and eir a lower TCO from the existing solution.

Client Solutions did a great job, they used the modern UX design principles within SAP Fiori to deliver an app which is role-based and provides a very effective and simple solution for all our users.”

John Moore (Head of Logistics)


– eir is a fixed, mobile and broadband telecommunications company in Ireland

– eir operates the largest fixed-line telecommunications network in the Republic of Ireland

– eir is under licence from the Commission for Communications Regulation

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