Developing risk management solutions for one of Ireland’s leading energy suppliers


As a natural consequence of being one of the largest serving energy providers in the market, Bord Gáis Energy (BGE) inevitably had a large proportion of high risk customers and hence aged debt. While the existing reporting systems were adequate, BGE is a growing business and management made a strategic decision to implement a solution which would serve the growing needs of the business by providing a greater level of analysis and detail.


Client Solutions approach to the problems at BGE was to focus on creating a single source of clean aged debt data in a dimensional data warehouse. We needed to cleanse the historical data which had accumulated in BGE and provide an automated cleansing approach for new data. Client Solutions worked closely with the in-house Bord Gáis Energy IT and business teams to understand the business needs and the underlying available data. This model was the foundation of the success of the program.


BGE is now able to make informed risk and debt management decisions based on higher quality data, which reduces debt and mitigates credit risk. Collection ratios have improved enormously and KPIs are being met. One report alone, the arrears analysis report, resulted in a large increase in the average percentage of target following the introduction of the report. The solution allows self-service by the business users allowing them to interact with and view the data based on their own chosen parameters. BGE can now report and track by each event in the aged debt dunning process resulting in greater accuracy and decision making. The solution enhanced BGE’s NPS because accurate data means early intervention. Customers being dealt with by BGE’s own early stage collection team rather than costly and less customer friendly 3rd party collection agencies. By working with Client Solutions and using best in class technologies from Oracle and SAP Business Objects BGE has vastly improved its credit risk and aged debt situation.

We have made even greater savings than expected in the first 3 months since we went live. The project was successful due to the agile nature and collaborative approach taken by Client Solutions.”

Ray O’ Connor (Head of Billing & Credit Management)


– In operation since 1976

– In 2014, Bord Gáis Energy became part of the global Centrica plc group, which also own British Gas and Direct Energy

– One of Ireland’s leading energy suppliers

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