Helping Agri-Food Company Enhance Operations with ERP Solution


Irish Agriculture has changed immensely over the past two decades. As the leading supplier of co-product management solutions to Irish food and beverage manufacturers, Arvum Group has real time tracability requirements as well as sophisticated client and materials management needs. After consideration, the group realised that a robust, scalable and versatile ERP system capable of high-level business functionality was needed.


Arvums’ requirements were extremely specialised and SAP was selected due to its versatility and ability to meet both current and developing future needs. The SAP solution integrated logistics and finance into an all-encompassing ERP system. Specific models which were implemented as part of the solution included finance and controlling; sales and distribution; materials management; inventory management; production planning; procurement of stock and services. Client Solutions were chosen as implementation partners due to our product knowledge, experience, and professionalism.


The implemented ERP solution brought a number of quantifiable business benefits, including the automation of customer pricing; full product traceability, comprehensive stock management, and location functionality, as well as a full suite of sales support tools for sales reps. This led to new levels of efficiency and productivity for Arvum, helping them to control spend better and enhance reporting and management processes.

We researched the systems extensively, and SAP came out on top because we were convinced it was versatile enough to meet our current and developing future needs.”

Pat Farrell (Group Finance Director)


– Leading supplier of co-product management solutions to Irish food and beverage manufacturers

– Based in Waterford

– Interests span across of a wide range of agricultural functions

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