Undoubtedly at a personal, community and business level we will all encounter challenges that will impact us in ways which remain unclear due the escalating threat from the spread of the Coronavirus.

We will continually need to assess and adapt our position to deal with impact of this unprecedented event. Our primary focus is on the health of our staff and Clients. We are taking every precaution and adhering to guidance from the government and health officials to minimise the risk.

We are splitting key management personnel and key staff functions across our multiple locations. We are also enabling home working locations to eliminate any single point of cross contamination in order to build resilience into our business and ensure the continued delivery of critical services to our Clients.

Our business continuity plan currently caters for the worst-case scenario of our offices in Barcelona, Poland, Dublin and Cork having to shut down. In this event, all our key business and service support systems (including Phone and Skype) are Cloud based so that we can fully operate remotely. Our staff have the necessary equipment to work securely from different locations including their homes.

Our service and support teams will continue to support your systems and applications in a normal operating mode. There is no change to the process or impact to current service levels which we provide.

Client Solutions are here to help in any way we can. We will continue to work hard to ensure we can deliver the highest levels of service to our Clients.

We will constantly monitor the changing environment and will adapt our approach, focus, efforts and resources to deal with the challenges we and you, our Client may face.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require additional resource, advice or support services outside of your current service level needs in these very unusual and uncertain times.

I trust that the above provides the necessary reassurance that Client Solutions can continue to deliver the best level of services to your organisation.

Take care.

Yours sincerely

Teddy McCarthy

Managing Director

Client Solutions Limited