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MicroStrategy helps organisations transform data into real-world intelligence and answer their toughest business questions. Client Solutions is MicroStrategy’s exclusive partner in Ireland. We have been delivering Enterprise business intelligence solutions to some of Ireland’s largest companies, helping them unleash the full potential of their people and investments through data visualisation and actionable insights for over 20 years.

Technology to make it happen.

At its core, MicroStrategy is an enterprise platform. That means it can easily integrate into the broader enterprise landscape by integrating with almost any other data system or application. Organizations can embed MicroStrategy functionality in existing corporate systems and apps, and leverage MicroStrategy analytics within Microsoft Office documents. Whether you want to instantly deliver personalised reports to thousands of users, empower business users with self-service analytics, or boost analytics adoption to 100% across your enterprise, MicroStrategy provides the technology to make it happen.

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Is securing your data important to you? MicroStrategy provides a powerful, consolidated interface for managing analytics deployments, and security is a key component. MicroStrategy incorporates platform, group, and user-level security controls that can be managed through a powerful control module. Using Usher technology, organizations can deploy additional layers of security by requiring multi-factor authentication to access MicroStrategy applications.


Is having a single portal that all users can leverage to analyse all your important data important to you? Whether supporting a small team or thousands of employees across the enterprise, MicroStrategy makes it easy to put information in the hands of every user when it matters most. MicroStrategy is built to handle the world’s largest datasets, so organizations can rapidly scale their deployments without sacrificing performance.


The open MicroStrategy platform offers a comprehensive API layer that makes it easy to leverage third-party systems, tools, and modern technologies.  The features below address accessibility to information that all organisations wrestle with:

Zero Click Intelligence.

Do you need to enhance your CRM application with information from other sources? Using MicroStrategy’s HyperCards – enable and enhance all your web applications (Salesforce, PeopleHR, SAP, Dynamics CRM, Navision…)

Semantic Graph.

Are consistent metrics definitions across your organisation important to you? MicroStrategy’s enterprise semantic graph empowers your organisation in a constantly changing data landscape.

Connects to all data sources.

Is accessing a variety of data sources important to you? With a vast library of native gateways and drivers, MicroStrategy can connect to nearly any enterprise resource, so you can fully leverage existing investments—from databases and enterprise directories to cloud applications, physical access control systems, and custom connectors. Continue your journey toward the Intelligent Enterprise with a BI platform connected to every resource you need.


Do you need to enable your mobile workforce with information? Put intelligence in their hands and transform applications and business processes. MicroStrategy delivers more ways for organisations to quickly deploy mobile productivity apps for a variety of business functions and roles, on any standard iOS or Android device.

Visualise your data.

With powerful out-of-the-box visualization tools, and the ability to leverage custom and third-party charts, MicroStrategy makes it easy to find key insights and present them for maximum impact.

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Connect & prepare your data.

With dozens of connectors and gateways to the most popular data sources and systems, MicroStrategy makes it easy to leverage all your investments. Quickly connect to any source, prepare the data, and build powerful applications that tell the whole story.

Get more from your investments in big data.

Big data is the new reality for large organisations, and unlocking its value is the key to building a lasting competitive edge. We use MicroStrategy’s powerful technology to build machine learning models and operationalise big data with powerful enterprise analytics for out clients.

Share your insights.

Put data on the front lines by easily delivering analytics to every device, from desktops, to tablets, smartphones, virtual assistants such as Alexa, and wearables. Mobilise critical reports, apps, and workflows, empowering every user with answers when they need them most.

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