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Whether its managing multi-cloud strategies, adopting self-service and data democratization usage patterns or preparing to compete more on customer experience, we’re all at a tipping point as these significant trends bring massive change and impact the vast majority of organisations.

As enterprises adopt cloud fast and furious, they are landing in a multi-cloud and hybrid environment. Barriers still exist as most CIO’s admit they’re not clear where their customer and other critical data resides. Not surprisingly, this has led to more and more Chief Data Officer roles being created with their primary responsibility to define the data/analytics strategy for their organisations.

Client Solutions partners with Informatica to help its clients navigate these new landscapes and challenges in data management and extract real value from their data in order to fuel innovation, become more agile and realise new growth opportunities.

The business value of Data Governance

Andrew Joss, Head of Business Value & Data Governance, EMEA-LA at Informatica
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eBook: Defining the Data-Centric Enterprise
Most organisations are struggling to unlock real value from their data. In our latest eBook in partnership with Informatica we explore some of these challenges and offer our insights as a data management specialist into how to make your organisation a Data-Centric Enterprise.


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